The Gentlemen's Ball“Choosing Troy as a stylist for The Gentlemen’s Ball was one of the best choices we made. It was important for us to compliment each other well without dressing identical. Troy was able to take each of our individual styles and mesh them into one cohesive brand. He will always be our choice when stepping out on the town and for our photoshoots! Thanks for making our family look like #TrueGentleman!”
 - The Gentlemen’s Ball


Sisaundra“I really appreciate Troy for styling me and enhancing my look. He took my look to the next level, not only is Troy professional, but he also made working with him fun. I look forward to working with him on future endeavors. I wish much success and love to this Genius in the Fashion World, TROY CLINTON you rock!!!!”
 - Floyd Grant, Pop and R&B Recording Artist, Song Writer & Arranger


Diana Lovell“Troy You had me looking great! Thanks for the AWESOME experience! xoxoxo”
 - Actress, Diana Lovell


Donald“Troy is absolutely brilliant! My experience working with him has been overwhelmingly positive. He is a very fun, engaging and informative stylist to work with and I highly recommend him to anyone who is seeking a personal stylist. TC you are the man!”
 - Donald Variste, Playwright-Director


Pastor Byron Steveson“Troy gave me such a new, stylish look for my first photoshoot; I had to let him hook me up for the second photo-shoot. Thanks Troy!”
 - Pastor Byron Stevenson


Sisaundra“Love you and the FAB fashions you bring into my life!!! xoxo.”
 - Sisaundra Lewis, “The Voice”


David Tinoco, Model“Thanks Troy for showing me how I can take a daytime look to a evening look using the same clothing essentials. You Rock!”
 - David Tinoco, Model


Lynette“Troy, I want to express my sincere gratitude for your styling expertise in making me look GLAMOROUS for my “Fabulous and 45″ birthday party. You have an exceptional eye for detail and you know what styles flatter specific body types. Your track record is AMAZING and I never question what you choose for me! It is a privilege and an honor being your client.
 - Lynette Jackson-Lott


Glen Davis' Big Day“Thank you Troy for making me look great on my “Special Day” and every other day.”
 - LA Clippers Glen “Big Baby” Davis


David Banner“I met Troy at a photo shoot for KRAVE magazine, which I was featured in. He created a new, more upscale, professional look that is reflective of my other side. Troy has been my go to man ever since. “ 
 - Hip Hop Artist & Actor, David Banner



Single Moms of Atlanta“Troy Clinton Styles this 1 is for you!! Thank you for being a part of this process & gracing us with your fashion sense! Single Moms of Atlanta sending much love 2 our phenomenal stylist Mr. Troy Clinton Styles.”
 - Single Moms of Atlanta


Tamara“Troy, I would like to thank you for turning me in to “Black Barbie”. I didn’t know you until the day of the shoot and for you to only know my favorite color aka pink, and make me fabulous was just amazing! You and your staff were so professional and on point at all times I truly enjoyed working with you the experience was awesome.” 
 - Tamara



Rhonda“Troy is the best stylist in the world!!. I love & trust his eye for fashion, but I love him even more as a person”. My Wardrobe Stylist is Troy Clinton.”
 - Rhonda Crockett


Parketta“Thank you Troy for a very pleasurable & professional experience! I can’t wait to do more business with you in the near future! You’re the best!!”
 -  Parketta Anderson


“Troy Clinton you are amazing not only have you transformed my style, you’ve educated me about fashion essentials, trends, and finding the right fit. Next time I go shopping I will be more confident in my decisions and my looks. Thanks Troy!” 
 - Milton


“Working with Troy Clinton recently was crazy cool, he brought all the dynamics of what I wanted my look to be for my recent CD cover shoot. I liked it so much I had to let him get me here for the BET Hip Hop Awards.” 
 -  R&B Artist, Renegade



“I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Troy Clinton recently. TC did my makeover, and all I can say is WOW!! I love how he put together a look that accentuated my style and personality. He is so great to work with, a professional and a passion for what he does.” 
 -  Christal Reynolds




“Troy Clinton is one of the best stylists I’ve ever worked with, he not only has great taste in fashion he also has what it takes to make individuals radiate glamour whether it’s in ready to wear, evening elegance or red carpet events. Not only is he a personal friend of mines and my stylist on the road, he makes me look like a million dollars even on my bad days. Lol”
“I love you Troy and Keep up the great work!”
 - R&B Singer, Cherrelle




“I first meet Troy on a photo shoot a year ago I was impressed by his styling and soon afterwards had him help style me for party events. I’m always impressed at how he creates a new look for me each time.”
 - Andre Hilton





 I love working with Troy. He is very professional and sweet!! I always know when Troy is dressing me I’m going to be hot! Thanks so much Troy for making me look and feel fab you rock!!!!!  Thanks!”
 - R&B Singer, member of pop group “Blaque” Brandi D. Williams



“I met Troy Clinton about 16 years ago. After he said hello my name is Troy, the next thing he said was “Boo this outfit is not working for you, let’s go shopping”. I am thinking who is this guy, he doesn’t know me. But he did. He has been my stylist from that day on. The truth only hurts for a minute. Whether you are a super star, or stay at home mom. Troy knows what’s hot and what’s not. He knows what looks are good for you, male or female. When I go shopping today I still hear “Boo this is not working for you”. 
  -  Denise Smith





“Troy Clinton you are amazing, you come through winter, spring, summer, fall every time I need to feel hot and sexy you always find the right outfit within my budget.  You truly are my saving grace. Thanks for keeping me fabulous.”
 - Danielle Cohen


“My husband hates shopping and on top of that he is picky, but Troy showed him how great at 6’1 he could look in clothes. I no longer have to deal with the headache of shopping for a picky husband. Troy keeps him looking good and feeling comfortable in his new looks.”
- Meighan Richardson