Image Consulting

Your image speaks volumes when no words are being said. If you don’t focus on your image, nobody else will! The image you present to the outside world should be a clear representation of your personality, lifestyle, career goals and social objectives. Troy Clinton will teach you how to manage your image and appearance so that you feel confident and comfortable about the image you want to project. This includes a three step process.

Step #1 A 30-minute IMAGE CONSULTING at your home to evaluate your current style and personal goals.

Step #2: A 2-hour WARDROBE ANALYSIS, your clothing will be evaluated to see what you have, identify what works, what doesn’t, demonstrate how to create new looks with your existing clothing and accessories and create a list of what you need to fill in the gaps and maximize what you own.  You’ll get a thorough overview of what works best on your body to maximize your look.  He will evaluate the best colors, style, couture, brands and storesthat work for you and your budget. – Note: More time may be needed depending upon the size of your wardrobe
  • During the wardrobe analysis, outfits will be photographed to create a personal style album to refer to.
  • Recommendations will be made for pieces that can be updated with minor alterations so that a tailor can administer these changes.
  • Assistance will be provided in selecting the clothing items that you would like to discard and recommend consignment stores, thrift shops or charities that the items can be given to for a tax write-off.
Step #3: 90-120 minutes of PERSONAL SHOPPING – Troy Clinton will select 2-3 clothing stores, while at these establishments; you will receive recommendations on items you will need to create your new wardrobe.
The following a la carte services can be included in your consultation; each service is an additional 1 hour:
  • Skin and makeup
  • Hair style assessment and hair care products
  • Personal fitness trainer
Career Attire Wardrobe
Dress for success! Need we say more, regardless of what industry or sector you work in, your wardrobe should reflect confidence, your career goals and success.


 “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous” ~ Coco Chanel