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December 2015 – Christmas Wish List

Christmas is less then two weeks away, and if you are like most of us, you are still scrabbling trying to get the best gifts, while keeping your budget. As I do each and every year, I compile a list of the top gifts and stocking stuffers… that will make your family and friends smile, and not break your bank.

Got Beats?

The must have accessory for music lovers alike, are the Beats by Dre. Priced at $222.99, these headphones give the most clear, crisp and precise sound.

The Perfect Case

Wood has risen in popularity as a material used in various personal accessories (bracelets, rings, necklaces, etc.) and now we are seeing phone cases incorporating wood. Wood gives a strong quality and appeal to items.This case is priced at $39.99 and can be purchased on Amazon. Click here to order.

Scoot, Scoot!

The wildly popular “hover boards” as they are often called, the self-balancing scooters are on everyone’s wish list, children and adults alike. They are fun, trendy and glide you from here to there. Priced at $365.00, you can also order this item from Amazon.

Ask Alexa

For the techie in your life, which may even be yourself, the Alexa is the perfect gift. The hands free Alexa gives answers to all your intriguing questions. At a cool $180.00, this makes an ideal gift for gadget lovers, also on Amazon. Read More

November 2015 – On the Red Carpet of the Soul Train Awards

I had a fabulous time in vegas covering the Soul Train Awards. I had the opportunity to catch up with some old clients and new, as well as meeting up with artists such as Jill Scott, Jazmine Sullivan, Tisha Campbell and Erica Campbell just to name a few.

I had an awesome time on the red carpet…. and of course peeping everyone’s style and fashions! I am truly blessed to have the opportunity to follow and live in my passions and work.

For more red carpet pics, find me on Facebook

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November 2015 – Give em the boot!

With all the hot boot trends we are seeing; fashionistas are gladly welcoming the brisk weather. I have to admit, Fall/Winter is favorite season. I love the layers, the textures and of course a reason to rock some fabulous boots.

So, if you have an appreciation for a good boot game… break out the check book and let’s get shopping!

Over the Knee

The over the knee style boot cycles in and out of popularity, and this season they are at their peak! The over the knee boot is sexy and sultry. Retailers such as Bakers and DSW have a wide variety of over the knee boots and other styles to choose from.

Laced Up!

Another hi-boot style, very sexy is the lace up boot. We have seen many designers incorporate this style in their line. A definite to add to your wardrobe.

On the Fringe

Fringes are big this season… from fringe vests and purses to fringe pants and other accessories. Naturally, you have to add fringe foot wear to the mix!

The Wrap Up

Add a little twist to your favorite pair of booties… throw a wrap around them. We are seeing booties with buckles, studs and other accessories… giving the appearance of a more slender ankle.

Color of the season

Last, but not least, burgundy is a hot, hot color right now; so of course add some burgundy boots to your closet.

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October 2015 – Fall in Line!

Cooler weather = warmer wardrobe. This fall, we will see many classic styles are trending in popularity. Also, you will notice that we are still seeing items that fall in the minimalist category.

What I appreciate about many of the fall trends, are that they are super functional and can be paired for a variety of looks.

The Chunky Sweater

The chunky style sweater, is trending this fall and probably an item you already own. We all love chunky sweaters, they are warm, comfortable and can be worn with a variety of wardrobe options.

Black Flat Boots

Again, we see another comfortable, functional fall trend in the black, flat ankle boot.

The Mini

The mini skirt is cute, fun and when paired with a good pair of stockings; they make the perfect work or casual look.

The Flare

Flare pants are bold, sexy and confident and typically look good on all body types. Paired with a mid level heel, they are a perfect work or evening look.

The Camel

A perfect fall coat, again, functional and can be paired with a formal look or a casual look.

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August/Sept 2015 – Sexy Hair!

What better way to compliment a hot look; a hot hair style of course! This summer, ladies are playing with hues, cuts, styles, and curls.

From the runways to sidewalks, from celebrities to regular folks, these hair trend are everywhere.

The Bob

The bob is a classic cut, that is always in style, but as of recent, we see ladies have added some variations: color, asymmetrical and layered cuts, waves and more. As featured above, we see this cut is very sleek and in a very trendy grey hue.

Here, another example of the classic bob with a side bang.

This is a fun, sassy variation to the bob. With a side part, she is wearing soft, tousled beach waves. A very summery look.

Crown Me

The “Hippie” inspired head bands are a must have accessory for fun, free spring/summer looks. From basic fabric an beads, to jeweled and crystallized head bands, these head bands work for a variety styles.

Braided Beauty

Always popular, always in style, always convenient and great low maintenance hairstyle. This style, re-emerged in popularity in 2010, inspired by Janet Jackson’s character in Poetic Justice.

The loosely braided crown is fun, flirty and easy breezy… definitely a style to be added to the summer routine.

Again, loose, kinda messy but cute… the messy braid look has been seen on runways, spreads and sidewalk chic.

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July 2015 – Splish, Splash – Beach Wear 2015

Temperatures are rising, which can only mean one thing… ladies are dressing less…. especially for the beach!

Many of the hot trends we saw last year, have followed us into 2015 and I definitely see a few walking right into 2016. We see designers are using a lot of mesh and sheer fabrics, a lot of high-waisted two pieces and fringes and embellishments.

It Meshes Well!

Featured above is a great example of mesh used throughout swimwear. I love how sexy and sheer this fabric is and it is perfect for swimwear.

Curves Ahead!

For all my ladies blessed with extra curves, opt for swim wear that creates an illusion of a cinced or slender waist. This is achieved by embellishment or an asymetrical design on the top or bottom portion of the swim suit and the center being a solid, dark color. As featured above, the model is wearing a one-piece, with an embellished design – with mesh in the center.

The Monokini

We see a lot of monokini’s this summer….. very revealing and very sexy, lots of “peek-a-boos”… hints of hips, thighs and breast.

High Times

Notice, designers are consistent with minimalism, when it comes to color choices. We see alot of blacks, whites and nudes…. not too many colors and patterns. Here we have the halter style, high-waisted swimsuit. A classic style, that always works and typical compliments most shapes….thin to curvy.

The Triangl Craze

So, you have probably noticed the Triangle sensation blowing up the social media scene. If you don’t know, Triangl swimsuits are made of form fitting neoprene – the same fabric that wetsuits are made of. This material is not very stretchy, so this type of swimsuit works well for athletic body types.

The Classic

Last but not least, the bandeau two-piece is a classic look that will always be a hot trend for the beach or pool! Bandeau style is cute, flirty and fun!

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June 2015 – Hot Summer Trends for Men

With Father’s Day quickly approaching, most folks are scrambling trying to figure out what to purchase for the Father’s in their lives. Typical around this time, I post a blog on the hottest Father’s Day gifts, however, I decided to do something a little different and focus on trends for men, which could also be used for gifts for men.

Here are some trends we will see this summer for the fellas.


Florals were super hot in 2013/2014 and once again, we will see this trend coming back around.

The Apple Watch

Keeping in trend with the “SmartWatch” wave, Apple was recently released the “The Apple Watch”. This watch is, in a way, a new type of wrist-worn super-iPod. It’s also a symbiotic iPhone companion. Definitely an item young and mature men alike can appreciate.

In the Safari

The Safari jacket, these jackets have had a luke-warm relationship with fashion. Not necessarily the most liked trend, but it has stuck around. modern-day safari jacket no longer has flapping collars and a clunky waist; nor does it come in unattractive shades of sand. The new versions are slim-cut, in more technical-look fabrics and colours, and look good with dark jeans over a T-shirt.

The Loafer

Comfortable, cool, work well in the winter and warm weather, loafers are a classic and a must have in your wardrobe. You can wear with shorts, jeans, khakis and more.

Performance Wear

Performance wear has slowly but surely taken over sportswear. Performance wear is sport inspired that feels good, gloves the body and looks good.

Baggy Trousers

Last year baggy trousers/harem inspired pants were hot and this year the trend is still going strong.

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May 2015 – Making a Statement – Spring/Summer Professional Attire

Spring is in the air, and temperatures are raising. With that, our attire is changing and getting less. However, keeping cool while trying to maintain a professional yet stylish look can be a task.

For the lady who loves style, but must maintain a professional look for work or an interview, here are a few options.

Have Fun

This is a great office look, not too much fuss but makes a statement. I love the red cropped pants paired with the white top and black cardigan. The bronze/nude shoe really sets this look off.

All the Frills

This is a great look for the corporate office and an interview. The jacket is a statement piece in itself.

Nailed it

This yet another great office option, the polka dots are tricky but I suggest a smaller print paired with solids is a winning combination.

Work It!

These looks are winners for an interview or the office. Contemporary, yet has a very classic feel. It is important to invest in quality pieces; which would include: a white button up blouse with a convertible collar, a pair of black, charcoal and grey slacks, a black jacket and black and nude pumps.

Feminine & Powerful

Sticking with the minimalism trend, this beige get up is ultra feminine and makes the statement “I am fierce, I am serious”.To add hints of style, pair with a stylish pump, and a fabulous neck piece.

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March/April 2015 – Let My Shoes Do The Talking

This Spring/Summer designers are all about luxe; from bedazzled pumps to spiked flats – your shoe game must be impeccable.

Mary Jane

The Mary Jane shoe is a classic style that never gets old, featured above is the braided stylized Bottega Veneta Mary Jane shoe. This shoe works for work, play and everything else in between.


The studded flat has been a hot trend for the past two years, and is still running strong. This flat is everything… style and comfort… need I say more?!


YASSSS!! I love a hot gladiator sandal, and this pair from Hugo Boss is everything.

The Pump

For a totally glam look, a bedazzled shoe is the perfect accessory.

White Heat

The featured Zac Posen shoe is another example of a shoe that works for a variety of occasions, as well as pants and shoes.

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Feb/March 2015 – Prom Queen – Get the Look

With Prom season just around the corner, I wanted to put together a few of the trends we will be seeing this year. No longer are the days of the big, puffy prom dresses, girls are having fun…. with sequins, colors and ultra sleek styles.

The Mermaid

Mermaid inspired gowns and dresses are even more popular than ever. For a sleek, sexy-glamour look, that showcases your curves; the mermaid style is for you. Add some spice with crystals, sequins, and more.

Classic with a Twist

Two piece prom gowns is another hot look, I love this A-line gown with the cropped top. It gives a classic appeal with a contemporary twist. Another bonus to the A-line look is that it works for a variety of body types.

Pretty Girl

For a cute and sassy look, short, semi-frilly cocktail dresses with bold colors are a good choice. The short, cocktail style dresses have been a hot look for the past 2 to 3 years and I doubt they will fade out anytime soon.

The Two-Piece

As I mentioned earlier, the two-piece is total in style and very much anti-big puffy prom dress. The two piece, cocktail style dress is for the girl who wants to make a statement, and is not afraid of pop!

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